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June 29th, 2019

On the 29th June we will be holding our annual display day at the gym. On the day, every class will get the chance to perform a display they have rehearsed and it is an opportunity to inspire some of our younger gymnasts by showing them what they can aspire to achieve with demonstrations from our club gymnasts'. 

It is also an opportunity to raise crucial funds to carry on the development of our amazing facility and coaching team.

If you would like to get involved we would welcome the donation of cakes and sandwiches that will be sold on the day.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you there!

Round 1     09:30-11:30

  • Saturday 09:00-10:00 class - "I Just Cant Wait To Be King"

  • Wednesday 04:00-05:30 class - "Fight Song"

  • Saturday 09:30-10:30 class - "Walk Me Home"

  • Thursday 04:30-05:30 class - "No Excuses"

  • Tuesday 06:00-07:00 class - "Best Day Of My Life"

Round 2     11:45-01:45

  • Tuesday 04:30-05:30 class - "I Just Cant Wait To Be King"

  • Monday 04:00-05:00 class - "Walk Me Home"

  • Saturday 10:10-11:10 class - "Best Day Of My Life"

  • Saturday 10:40-11:40 class - "No Excuses"

  • Saturday 11:10-12:40 class - "Cut To The Feeling"

  • Tuesday 06:30-08:30 class - "Hustle"

Round 3     02:00-04:00

  • Friday 04:00-05:00 class - "I Just Cant Wait To Be King"

  • Tuesday 05:00-06:00 class - "Best Day Of My Life"

  • Tuesday 05:30-06:30 class - "Walk Me Home"

  • Saturday 11:10-12:40 Boys Display 

  • Development Girls  - "Shotgun"

  • Development Boys - "Zero"




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